The Americans Are Coming!!!

A Synopsis:

The Americans Are Coming book coverIn the City of The Hague the war was very intense. Kees van Rijn, who was in charge of hiding the Jews and getting them safely to farm-hiding-places, was on his bicycle every day. He took his young son with him on the back of the bicycle.

Cornelius was his perfect decoy in the operation. The boy was packed with counterfeit distribution stamps and fake ID’s for the Jews in hiding. To Cornelius each day was an adventure and he played his role without feeling the enormous threat of the war.

On September 12 1944, eight months before the end of the war 2000 Canadian Para-troopers landed near Arnheim. They were to create an in-road for the Allied troops who were to liberate the country of the Netherlands. That day became known as: “Frenzy Tuesday”.

The citizens went on the streets to celebrate the coming liberation. However, their happiness was premature. An even more difficult period began when the Para-troopers lost half of their men and retreated to the Bulge in Luxembourg.

Hitler send a replacement army which was made up with the ”Hitler Juegend”, who had become the most fanatic soldiers and ransacked the country with a vengeance.

While the war raged on for eight more months, a young Jewish Rabbi, who had managed to stay in the country and who disguised himself with several identities, was visiting the hiding places on the farms to bring the Jews encouragement and celebrated the Jewish holidays.

Hunger and lack of everything made life unbearable, the last winter of 1944-1945 became known as “The Hunger Winter”. Many people gave up on their existence and dropped dead on the streets. Cornelius saw it all with his own eyes.

For that reason, he relates this story, so no-one will ever forget what a National Socialistic environment (Nazi for short) will result in.

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