The Holocaust Compared to the Present

Looking at what is happening in the 2019 politics there are many comparisons to the rise of Hitler.

When reading The “Last Train to the Concentration Camp” the readers will recognize the present occasions and be astonished.

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  1. Joyce van Walsum

    Ah Mr. Van Leenen, your comment here is so true. My parents, born 1931 in Rotterdam/Schiedam, and their stories have led me to do some of my own research. Even 2 years ago, I could recognize the similarities.
    I live in Prescott now, and was given your name by a man I met at Sinterklaas party here. I’d be pleased to be able to communicate with you further.
    Best to you, and Proost!

  2. MaryEllen Flick

    Thank You for sharing Sir…Very humbling.
    Do you offer a special price for all 3 books?
    Have a wonderful blessed New Year.
    God Bless You!
    Your Sister in Christ,
    Mary Ellen

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